Thursday, May 28, 2015

Stourhead Painting Days 1 & 2

The fact that we had construction-caused outages of our computer, television, and computer had an up-side.  It gave me more time for - yes, organizing, of course, and painting. But on Monday, I decided to draw and to use a "dip" pen which I don't think I've done since my college days.  A dip pen, as you've probably already figured out, is one that is actually dipped into a bottle of ink.  They are used by calligraphers as well as people who like to sketch.  Since it had been so long since I'd used one, I decided just to play.

 First, I just drew over the outline of the call box (telephone) already done in pencil; straight lines can be difficult for anyone using any implement, but it made a great way to start.  Fortunately, I had a very good nib (pen point) in a cracked but still extremely comfortable pen shaft, and quickly I rediscovered how good it feels to draw with this tool.  The practice was in straight lines (as in driving look where you're going not where you are) both long and short (call box and grass/weeds), curvy lines (tree and red flowers), and textured surface (tree trunk and stone wall).  I used India ink which is both waterproof and fade resistant, but the downside is that it doesn't flow.  One cannot make a wash with it.  Ah well . . . one can't have everything.

Tuesday was studio time, and I was able to get started on the Outbuilding (I could really use another name for this painting; anyone have an idea? please let me know!).

Not too exciting at this point.  The roof is almost a disaster except it's only the first wash.  That means that I might be able to do something about it.  I did like the start of the trees in the background; they have promise.

Today I feel better about the roof, still like the background even though it's not finished yet (though nothing really is at this point), but now the bushes in the left foreground and on the building itself need help.  

Oh, the yellowish dots in the tree overhanging the building?  Don't worry about them; they're masking fluid that can be removed when I'm ready to add the red for the copper beech.

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  1. Sorry - but right now I can't think of a name for the outbuilding. I agree though, that outbuilding doesn't sound quite right. I really like your ink drawing. You certainly have a lot of talent, my dear friend!