Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Stourhead Study #4

After a walk which at one point turned into a run (we saw the garbage truck - four to five hours early coming down the street, and we hadn't put our bins out yet), we took care of errands and had lunch.  D then got caught up on computer work while worked in the studio.

But I did get to painting practice today.  It is silly of me to call these "wash" studies because I haven't really been using much in the way of large watery paint areas - or washes.  My studies are too small to do much more than work with a few watery puddles.  Anyway - today's work:

Not what I was hoping for, but I realize that I learned a few very good lessons.  Here a just two of them.  First, as Sharon told me, it really isn't wise to use pieces of watercolor paper that have already been used so I wind up using the wrong side of the paper (yes, there is a significant difference), nor is it wise to use inferior paper.  I made both mistakes.  Because of that, there is no light in my final study; it was like working on drawing paper.  Oh well.  Tomorrow I'll cut up a piece of my good paper; that's hard for me to do!

Second, because I started the roof with alizarin crimson, the copper beeches ( left side and right top) aren't going to work.  The roof is too warm especially if I'm going to include copper beeches and maybe even if I don't put that kind of tree in.  

I'll have to think about that.

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  1. Run? I'm impressed. My heart my want to run but I don't think the feet and knees would last too long. Meanwhile, looks like they're all coming along. Are they very big? I'm thinking you could frame all four and have them on a wall together. It would be really pretty !!! (when they're done, of course)