Thursday, August 6, 2015

A Day at the Track

Our week is rounding out nicely with today spent at the Saratoga Race Track as guests of friends.  We went with them last year , also, and had a good time so accepting another chance to enjoy this summer "must do" was a a pleasure. 

 Last year I bet once and lost which put me two dollars in the hole.  This year I felt more brave and decided to allow myself to lose ten dollars but to try some different options.  The first race in which  I placed a bet, I chose by the jockey - one who has had a successful career.  He may be doing well, but the horse wasn't and was scratched.  Well, that means I didn't win, but I also didn't lose.  That two dollars went on the next race where I bet on two horses in a quinella (the horses come in first and second but in no exact order).  I lost.  So the following race, I put my money on one horse but as a win, place, or show - same horse but three ways to win.  That costs a bit more so when I lost, I lost $6.  That meant I was down to my last two betting dollars. When I decided on my final horse and started to the betting windows, I glanced up at one of the monitors and saw that horse, like the one in the first race, had scratched.  If that wasn't a sign, I don't know what was.  The two dollars went back in my wallet.

Maybe next year.

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  1. You obviously did not use the right criteria for selecting a horse. Granddaughter in San Diego chose her horse solely by the outfit of the jockey and won!