Monday, August 3, 2015

Mews Again - or is it Still?

The most notable thing that happened is that painting supplies were taken out and actually used.  Of course, I thought that would happen yesterday after returning home, but that was definitely not realistic.  I wonder if that was the reason that impelled me to buckle down to work today.  There is a small part of me that feels I have to do something that it on my list - even if not that day or even week.  The only time I let myself off the hook is if the task is officially cancelled or postponed for good reasons.

Okay, I'm off topic already, and I've just started!

Here's the painting as of July 28th:

Here it is now:


An admission first - sometime ago I learned of a helpful "tool" about which I was very skeptical - so skeptical I never tried it.  Today I tested it and then actually used it.  Are you ready?  Mr Clean's Magic Eraser (the original one) is the tool.  The sky in the July painting was cerulean blue (my go-to sky color in oils but my least favorite in watercolor), and it was used because I thought I would use that blue on the building at the far left.  I really didn't like it.  At all!  So I cut a small square of the white eraser, wet it, squeezed out excess water, and easily removed all cerulean blue from the sky. Wow, that eraser is a life saver!  

From there I worked on the surface of the walls of the buildings and then started on the first layer of some of the details.  Here's where I need to make note of a bad habit that I must work on changing.  I get so involved with one section of a painting that I focus all my effort on just that area.  I should work on the entire surface at the same time.  That is -  I should be working all over the surface to keep things in balance.  

One major problem: what color should I paint the tricycle?

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  1. I was going to say red - but it's next to the red/pink building. So I'll go with blue for the tricycle. Of course - orange might be different. I do love this scene!! Would also make a great quilt, ya know.