Wednesday, August 12, 2015

The Grounds at Montgomery Place

Here is another entry on Montgomery Place.  In the first one, I focused on the magnificent views out over the Hudson River.  Tonight I'll show you some views from within the gardens starting with the lily pond in the Rough Garden.  It's hardly fair because that is one of my favorites place in any garden that has such a feature.  They are often found in a quiet part of the landscape where there is both sun and shade.  Both qualities I enjoy when outside.  They also have beautiful flowers, frogs, and dragonflies; all of those are favorites, too.

Here is one clump of lily pads surrounding one water lily.

This is another flower with a different admirer.

From the lily pond, we wandered farther afield and found another lovely area. This building we found in the Formal Garden.  It reminded me of the buildings we found in English gardens.  Very picturesque, don't you think?

Finally for today, I'll close with a tree.  The trees alone are reason to visit this estate.  I am convinced that these trees (are there are many like this one) would not be there if this estate had not been in the safekeeping of a single family, the Livingstons, since 1802 until 1986 when it was donated to Historic Hudson Valley.  Trees like this would have been cut down long ago.

This a splendid locust!

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