Sunday, August 16, 2015

An Exercise in Futility

Friday was a very busy day for ME and me (I've wanted to write a sentence that included that "ME and me" for some time - well, one has to find humor where one can).  Our first stop was at a local quilt shop where ME picked up her quilt.  It was beautiful before being quilted, but afterward it is stunning!  I am hoping that ME really means it when she says that she's keeping this one.  She has a tendency to make for everyone else except herself; that's noble, but she should have a quilt for her own bed.

While she was doing her business, I was getting myself in trouble with fabric (what a surprise).  Of course, there was no intention of buying anything except a few fat quarters when I walked in.  But oh my, what I saw had to come home with me!  Then we both signed up for next year's trip to Syracuse to see the 2016 American Quilt Society (AQS).  

Finally we stopped at another quilt shop so I could leave my Carpenter's Star wall hanging for quilting.  

Now you realize that the above is sort of a exercise in futility for both you and me. I can't show you the quilt ME made that is so special because I don't have one.  I can't tell you why the fabric I bought is so special because what I plan to do with it is a surprise.  You can scroll back through my entries to find one that shows the Carpenter's Star, but that would take too much time and if I were you, I wouldn't do it.  

But for me, at least I can record when I took the wall hanging to be quilted!

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