Tuesday, August 11, 2015

It's not over until . . . it's over!

Maybe I could learn not to say, "It's finished"?  Almost every time I say that I am proven wrong.  Last night E told me that she wasn't thrilled with the blue building, and she explained why.  I looked at my painting, and  .  .  .  she was RIGHT!!!  And there I was patting myself on my back for having actually thought my way through this painting instead of merely painting instinctively.  

Nothing more was done last night as I was smart enough to know I was too tired to tackle it at a late hour (never a good move for me anyway).  Today I told Sharon what E had said and also that I agreed with her.  Sharon then started to tell me what she thought, but I asked her to let me tell her what I thought I needed to do (because I need to learn to self-critique and solve my own problems for those times when I have neither E nor Sharon around).  I did explain what I thought I should do, and she agreed, but then said, "And what else?"  

Oh my!

I had no answer so she pointed out several other small details that should be worked on, and rats, I agreed with her, too!


Here's yesterday's photo:

Here's today's:

Now what do you think, E?  Is it finished?

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  1. By God, you did it! I find the painting more powerful and interesting. When looking at the two paintings, you really have it all in the first version. You just pumped it up. Now you just need to sign it.