Thursday, August 13, 2015

Hooking - a New Passion

Wednesday I was lucky enough to be able to attend a hooking class with a dear friend who is an avid "hooker".  Oh, in case you haven't picked up the meaning yet, I use the terms "hooker", "hooking", and other forms of the root word "hook" to mean the art of rug hooking.  And while I'm dealing with vocabulary, I may as well clarify the meaning of "rug".  For hookers, a rug may be something used to cover a section of flooring, but it could also mean a coaster for use under a mug, a wall hanging, a table mat, a chair pad - well, you get the picture.

SMcG got me into hooking, and forever after, I will blame her while thanking her for this past time.  She is the soul of generosity (I pick the best friends) and started me out by giving or lending me everything I needed as well as told me where to get the best tools and frame.  Believe it or not, she also let me put stitches in one of her projects.  Now that's being generous!!! I purchased a pre-printed linen (the base of the rug), and SMcG brought her wool cutter to a retreat we both were attending and let me cut the strips for my project.  And then she told me about a class she planned to take and asked if I'd like to go.  I jumped at the chance.

It was a wonderful class, I learned a lot, and had a great time with women who welcomed me warmly.  Here's the teacher's finished example of the piece we all were working on:

This is the color kit I selected for my owl, but I will probably change the background and will definitely make some other small changes to make it my own.  But isn't the design wonderful?

Thanks for adding another passion to my list, SMcG!

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  1. that is amazing !!!! Hope S McG brings her's to the next hand piecing class !!