Sunday, August 9, 2015

Painting Complete. . . ?

It's been a lovely weekend; our weather has been spectacular.  They've been the kind of summer days one reads about, sees in movies, and remember from one's improbable summer memories. I will be writing more about what we've been up to and showing photographs from our good times, but tonight I'm going to show you the "Kensington Mews" in what I believe its finished form (or a least almost finished - I did add/change a bit after I took this picture - things like darken shadows and so forth):

When I go to class on Tuesday, I will ask Sharon for her opinion, but in my mind this painting can go to the framer.  She may have some tweaks that she feels would make this a better painting, but I think she'll agree that I've done all I can do.

Now the question is, "What are my thoughts about this painting?"  I started it for two reasons: I like the colors, and it represents a portion of our trip to England.  Oops, make that three reasons because it also represents a challenge for me.  Unlike the "Stourhead Stables" which had softer edges to the building and a very watercolor style of background, in "Kensington Mews" the perspective is crucial to the success of the painting, the buildings are modern with definite hard edges, and the background consists of sky only.

Another technique I wished to explore was to paint in such a deliberate manner that the viewer would be pulled in to the focal point of this work because of the specific way I manipulated the scene.  That is why I rearranged the building colors to have the strongest, warmest colors and contrasts where I wanted it.  It also why the buildings on the left and right fade away into nothingness, have little detail, and cooler colors.  It is also why the focal point has the only real proofs of human habitation, and therefore would be of more interest to the viewer.

Or so I thought.  Did I succeed?  Only you can tell me.


  1. I absolutely am drawn to the two rear buildings. They are charming. But I am not sure of how I feel about the blue building fading off. It's like I want to know more about this little mews. The line on the road and the bicycle provide information about the road continuing behind the orange building. The yellow building has interesting details. The doors and windows are very convincing and well executed.. The blue building gives me some problems. I know you want it to fade off the page, but I miss the detail. Having said this, I have found when I see your work first hand, I am amazed how the photographs don't really live up to the original. I'm just reacting to a photograph--keep that in mind.I will be interested to learn what Sharon has to say;

  2. I also will be interested in what Sharon has to say. And I loved reading what Est wrote because I know she is also an artist. I can't give you any real specifics -- but I think so far this is your best work. I truly love the colors, the subject and just everything about it.