Monday, November 2, 2015

Inspiration or Paintings That Might Be

Today calls for a bit of a change of pace.  Yesterday's entry wound up focusing quite a bit of attention on art.  While thinking about what I might write about today, I thought I would show you some of my "collection" of photographs.  While you look at them, I hope you will be able to view them as examples of "before the painting".  Painters of frescoes would not have been looking at photographs; they would have had their own sketches of nature, architecture, people, etc.  Today I have the luxury of being able to use photographs (which is a good thing since there was no time to sit and sketch while in Italy) and to combine photos to achieve the composition I want.  

Some of the photos are good for inspiration and others simply as photographs.

I really love the drama of this next photo.

Ah, then there are the doors and windows, my dear collectibles.   I see these as oil paintings done with a palette knife; it makes my hands twitch with the desire to run and start painting.

Not a door or a window but a charming water fountain.

This window with its shutter flung open looks so welcoming, that wonderful wall, and the little plants on the outside ledge are perfect.

Another window - this one with rough bricks, rough stone, smooth tile, iron grille work, and tender plant . . . what a wealth of texture to try to capture in a study!

Well, you can figure out why I took this photo as well as what I probably think about it.  I see this a a pen and ink sketch- to start with.

It's fun to look at these pictures and think about when I took them.  Will they all turn into art work?  Realistically, no.  But some?  Maybe.

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