Sunday, November 29, 2015

Last Photos from Pisa

This will be the day for "insides" - the inside of the Baptistery, the Duomo, and the Cemetery. The first five photos are from the Baptistery.

Just in case one gets too full of one's self, here's this not so subtle reminder - but beautifully rendered!

A small building full of beautifully rendered sculptures.

And the reminder that we are humans who leave things lying around and that we have a sense of humor . . .These lovely precise patterns and a knotted coil of rope.  

Into the Duomo and another spectacular ceiling.  By this time, we know to expect every surface to be heavily decorated.  But it still makes us catch our breath at the splendor.  This series starts with the ceiling from the nave,  Then there are two photos of the ceiling seen through an archway. 

Light from the stained glass window paints a column.

Even the back of the wooden seats in the choir are decorated - each different.  Here are three.  Unfortunately, I snapped the picture of the third just as I was moving away so it isn't crisp, but I wanted you to see how the patterns change.

The entry to the Camposanto Monumentale or what we just called a cemetery.

When we walked out of there (and I am sparing you a lot of photos), we saw this flock of pigeons launch themselves off the roof of the Baptistery.

Out in the street, we saw this:

And these lovely flowers in the parking lot.

From Pisa we went on to Lucca to turn in our car, spend the night, and catch the train to Firenze (Florence) the following day.  You know what to expect!


  1. great windows - very pretty flowers - and is that person really floating in air?

  2. I sit here kicking myself that we never went in the buildings at Pisa. I can't remember whether the crowds deterred us, whether we were on a time table, or whether we were just too cheap. I hope it's not the latter, because we missed some beautiful interiors.