Sunday, November 15, 2015

Siena 1

I have been among the missing for an entire week, and it has taken me almost that long to figure out why I was avoiding writing.  I had all kinds of excuses (I was tired, there were other more important things to do, I deserved a break ((never mind how lame that last one was)) and I didn't have anything to say), and many other inventive and totally ridiculous excuses posing as reasons.  The answer turns out to be more simple than I thought and less self-exculpating than I hoped.

The sheer number of photographs needing editing, selection, and uploading was overwhelming me.  Once I fell behind, catching up seemed insurmountable.  So I did what any child would do.  Nothing.
After some not thoroughly pleasant exchanges with D (I admit to being defensively crabby when faced with his calm and superior logic; I mean, Really?), I figured out what the problem was.  Earlier today I managed to get photos ready for today, and tomorrow I will spend more time with the pictures to get a leg up on the week.  Let's hope I can keep working on them and therefore, keep writing.

Here's the rabbit who lived in and munched her/his way through the garden of the boutique hotel in which we stayed in Siena.  This rabbit is one reason why I have so many photographs; there must be over fifty of this bunny.  At least I have pictures of a rabbit in every (or almost every) possible stance - good reference for drawings.

This is another picture of a water fountain (I showed one in an earlier entry on Tarquinia, I think).  For such a pedestrian though necessary structure, the fountains we saw have a beauty that rises above their merely utilitarian function.

Architectural embellishment.  See, I can show historic examples precedent to support my use of embellishment of quilts!

I love this picture!  Enjoying the observation of daily life from a safe distance is a favorite occupation world-wide. This person has a faint smile which I find delightful, would like to know what caused it, and wonder if I could capture that smile in a sketch. And just look at the shadow he casts, the shutters, window surround, and the angles - oh, yes.

If this has been in the blog already, forgive me, but isn't it fabulous?

Ancient and modern.  Angles and curves. Glass and stone.  Light and dark. I love this photo!

These pictures are sidelights of our time in the remarkable city of Siena, but I promise you, there will be more photos, photos of the buildings and the art.  However, there may also be some of the above kind of images also.  I tend to take great pleasure in them and hope you do, too.


  1. bet you wouldn't like the bunny so much if he and his friends munched on your garden !!!! But he is cute. And by my calculation, 15th day subtract day 2 of the month means we haven't read anything for ALMOST two weeks - 13 days. Good to see you back and, of course, love the photos !!

  2. Youch, you're right, Mary Ellen, and I am doubly the slacker I thought I was. Sigh.