Sunday, November 22, 2015


Reluctantly we left Siena; there was so much more to see and experience.  That is a city to which we would cheerfully return!  And for E, I didn't have any photos of the wonderful outdoor eateries around the Piazza del Campo because we were in several of them enjoying sitting with a glass of wine while enjoying people watching.  Didn't take the opportunity to snap pictures; silly me.  And we left before it occurred to me to do so.

We made for Monteriggioni with DH as our intrepid driver (we were unbelievably lucky that he really enjoyed driving and the challenges of hairpin/switchback curves we encountered in our travels).  Monteriggioni is another of the marvelous medieval, walled hill towns in Tuscany.  Below are some pictures taken of and from the wall:

The center of town seen from the wall.

Two pictures of a church:

The bell in its tower:

An exit gate from Monteriggioni that captures a glimpse of the countryside which surrounds the town.  Note the plants growing in the cracks of the wall.

This is my favorite view from the wall - up to a point.  If I were to paint it, I would omit some of the buildings you can see, but I would definitely include the field in the foreground and the cluster of buildings in the mid-ground.

The colors of the limestone . . . I know I keep carrying on about it, but I can't help it.  The roses are a bonus.

A quilt in progress right now can be traced to this particular view of Monteriggioni's surrounding wall.  One of these day you will see the quilt in this blog - with this picture again.

My fearless D - at the ready to protect us!

A view of  Monteriggioni from the valley below the town.

Then there was Radda; that's for tomorrow.

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  1. Such serene beauty -- and that's quite a knight in shining armor you have there !! Glad you got to bring him home!