Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Siena 3 (the Real 3 or maybe it's Siena 2?)

D was the one who noticed that I didn't have an entry labeled 2 so yesterday's entry couldn't be "3".  So should this one be 2? even though it's being written after 3?  Or should it be 3B? Or should I just ignore the problem and go on.  I vote for the latter . . . even though I'll have a bit of fun when D reads this tomorrow.

Our first night in Siena we left our hotel and made our way to the city proper.  On our way there, it started to rain, and before long it was pouring.  We took refuge in a courtyard in what we discovered was the University of Siena (housed in a former fortified mansion).  Here are two photos of the ceiling (after all, I had to do something):

Imagine going to school in a place like this!  And a great place to take refuge.

As you can see, the next day was lovely.  There have already been some photographs from this day, but now I will try to put them in context.  This is the Piazza del Campo where the Fonte Gaia is and where the Mangia Tower and the Palazzo Pubblico.

The top of the Mangia Tower.

And the clock on that tower.

Inside the Palazzo Pubblico every wall and all the ceilings are covered with illustrative paintings.  It's another example of the use of pictures to tell a story, teach a lesson, and/or promote religion for people who could not read (and had no need to as books belonged only to the church or nobility).

Another view of the crane seen with some spendid rooftops.

 Food again, but this time you'll recognize it even though the presentation is far more elaborate than we are used to.  This is a display of gelato, and yes, we had gelato asoften as we could!

 And on that sweet note, I wish you a good night!

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  1. When we were in Siena we seemed to spend a lot of time in the Piazzao del Campo. As I remember, there were lots of tables there where you could have lunch, and each table was covered with a lovely colorful cloth. I don't see the tables in your photo. As for the rest, you obviously spent much more time looking then I did. So I'm becoming acquainted with the Siena that I never saw.