Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Tag End of Volterra and on to Pisa

When we got back to our hotel after the tour of Volterra, I went out and took a few photos of the countryside at near-twilight.  Then in the morning I went out early (well, sort of early - for me) to take similar photographs in the post dawn light.

First, the evening landscape:

And in the opposite direction:

Then I turned my attention up to Volterra:

Here in the early morning the thermal vents that dot the region are obvious in the middle distance.

And even easier in this close-up:

A cluster of buildings down in the valley, and you can see the sun on the left side of the hills.

Volterra in the morning.

Then we took off for Pisa.  Tonight I'll show you only the Tower and and a few of the  Duomo  but save the Baptistery and part of the cemetery for later.  All are part of the Campo dei Miracoli (Square of Miracles).  

The Tower, a campanile or bell tower, was completed in the 14th century and was probably sinking already at that time.  The National Geographic had an article and on the Leaning Tower of Pisa (recently), and in it is a better description of the engineering that was done to stabilize the tower than I can describe here.  So I'll just say that it really does lean!

What I never noticed before are the decorations.  The pillars going around each level, yes, and even that they are different, but those squares on point I simply never saw.

None of us went up to the top of the tower.  We didn't because it's too open for D's comfort, DH and C had done it before, I didn't want to hold them up. After all when there is so much to see, one has to choose where to go and what to do.

This is the back of the Duomo (I like this one a lot).  You'll note similar pattern elements here.

Then just more patterns - all over the place.

The cathedral was undergoing renovation and there was scaffolding on this side which is why this lovely tympanum seems hidden.  Remember, this is at the back of the church.

And still more patterns here and there and all over.

Oh, and this is really great!  The bull (?) seems to be leaping out of the wall and down below him are patterns placed in the wall - just for fun?  They aren't easily seen from below.

Here is that same section on the right about half way up.  No ground to be seen.

More tomorrow and then time out for Thanksgiving Break.


  1. once again, beautiful photos -- those squares on point are very pretty and full of design elements that are great. I am in awe of all the talented people who inhabited the earth many, many years ago.

  2. Good thing you didn't try climbing to the top. It's my understanding that because the tower leans, sometimes your climbing a level floor and other times you feel like your running down a hill to the great abyss below.

  3. P.S. Paint the twilight scene.