Monday, November 30, 2015


Among other things Lucca has the most intact (and most lovely) wall.  It is very wide and is a glorious place to stroll.  It is also the birthplace of Puccini, and we were lucky enough to be able to attend a concert of arias by Puccini the evening we were in the town.

As we entered the town, I took this picture which reminds me of a street scene in Beijing (odd, right?).

From our hotel window, I was able to take these two photos of San Michele in Foro (foro means "forum"; the church was built on a Roman forum). I didn't even have to lean so far as to cause D palpitations.

Wonderful designs.  I still don't know how these are created; I'll ask Sharon tomorrow and see if she has an answer (should have thought about that many photos ago).

This is St.Michael whose wings move.

Two more pictures of the outside of the church:

Looking up from the street:

A small gargoyle and friends:

An unexpected design element in an out-of-the-way place on the church.  /Check out the brick work full of different angles.

  A delightful clock:

A really outstanding bit of bas relief on, if I remember correctly, a bank.

Just an interesting building with great windows:

A clock/bell tower and other assorted pictures of the town:

It's only right to end with Puccini:

Tomorrow - Florence!


  1. I love them all !!! And you had to have felt you were in heaven listening to Puccini's arias in his home town !!

  2. The first photos is my favorite of arches and doorways. It's so stark and full of contrast. Where do all those dark doors lead to? Those subtle colors and angles draw the viewer right into that alley way. Nothing is white washed in Italy. You always seem to know what materials make up the facade. And yes, isn't it wonderful to experience lovely music in its home of origin.