Monday, November 16, 2015

Siena 3

Still in Siena and today I have a mixed bag of photographs despite my assurances yesterday.  The first one is part of the beautiful fountain, Fonte Gaia, in the Piazza del Compo in Siena.  It is a striking piece of work.

These next two are beautiful foods.  D and I managed to eat at least one meal containing fungi every day.  Or at least we tried.  It was mushroom season (who knew mushrooms had a season?) so every menu had pasta con fungi as well as other possibilities.  It was heaven for us!

When you see this one, feel free to think delicious fruit or, "Ooh, wine!"  Either would be correct, but with those beautiful berries and figs in front, I think fruit, fruit, and more fruit.  But pretty fruit.

Looking up the alley to see the Belltower of the Duomo.  More of that later.  But you probably noticed that it is another of the marble and travertine churches.  Don't miss the interior of this Duomo - pictures coming in some day this week.

Now you know I can't resist showing this type of photo when I come across one even if I've said I won't.  It must be obvious that if a person keeps on taking this kind of picture, the subject matter sings to the photographer.  So, I won't continue to bore you with my feelings about either the subject, the light, the textures, the surprise through the opening, yadah, yadah.  

Two interpretations of the She-wolf who suckled Romulus and Remus.

The view from the courtyard of the Palazzo Publico.

A window, a beautiful window again in the Palazzo Publico, I think.  First the glass, then the metal grill on the floor between us and the window.  What a combination!

Sienese buildings - color, form, texture, angles - even the car so one doesn't forget that people live here.

More tomorrow.  I wish I could talk to you and ask if you want to see paintings or the more of the sights in Siena or both.  Since I won't get any responses, I guess I get to do whatever I want.

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  1. it is very hard for me to imagine the time it took for people to carve those images in the first photo. What a lot of work - but it is so beautiful !!! Such talent !! It is interesting to see the play of light and what's behind those open windows. And the stained glass is one of my favorite things!

    Here's my response - so you're getting at least one - show us both. After all, what you're painting is fun to watch from sketch to finished product. And, you're taking me on my very own trip to Italy - so keep showing me the photos or it will be an abrupt end that I am not ready for !!