Wednesday, June 1, 2016

A Bit of a Joke

Four construction workers are standing on ladders with their arms stretched straight up as they hold a huge piece of sheetrock over their heads.  A fifth man screws the "rock" onto ceiling rafters.  

The foreman standing below shouts up to one of the men, “Say, Joe, you must be about fifty now, right?”  

Joe replies with a grunt, “Forty-eight.” 

Foremen asks, “So, Joe, how’re you feeling about your job choice now?"

I had to walk away quickly and as quietly as possible as Joe began, in very colorful language, to tell the foreman precisely how he felt.


  1. omg..thank you for this!! I am dying of laughter right now. My contractor is constantly making little comments of late as to how old he is getting (he will be a mere 46- in a couple of weeks if memory serves me correctly). Can't wait to hear the age complaints when he hits 49/50! I can just picture you slinking away trying not to laugh out loud, because you are such a gentle soul. Me?? I guffaw in poor contractor's presence and remind him he is "only" (his current age). It's a tough job for us all, isn't it?
    Dry wall is exciting. Means you are getting there! Can't wait to see the addition in all its glory.

  2. That is hysterical !!!! I'd have burst into a fit of laughter! Thanks for the laugh!!