Monday, August 8, 2016

Jason Yenter's "Peaceful Holiday"

There was no entry yesterday because I forgot.  We had returned home from a weekend spent with daughter and grandson and dove right into the end-of-the-weekend chores.  Not a good excuse, but it's the only one I have.

Today was the usual Monday-so-it-is-laundry day, but I did get some quilting done on my Improvisation quilt.  That's a good thing as it is going to be in the Schenectady Guild's show this fall.  It would be better if it is finished, don't you think?

Anyway, last Friday the first block in the BOM was completed!  Well, except I did not "square it up" as you will see in the photo below.  This is the Jason Yenter "Peaceful Holiday" pattern, and this is the center block:


I had thought I had cut the very center blue carefully, but you see that there are no snowflakes on right or bottom.  Didn't notice that until I had appliqued the round medallion.  Drat!  I guess I will have to embroider some snowflakes there as it is bound to nag at me.  

Some of this was foundation pieced which I love in a pattern like this as if you are careful, the points will be perfect.  However the rest of it was pieced the usual way - which would have been all right if the pattern had given the measurements for those units once sewn so any errors could have been caught immediately.  I can see that I will have to re-sew some of those corners.  

Going wonky this early in the game is not a good thing!

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