Monday, August 29, 2016

More at the Lake

On our morning hikes, the wildflowers were a real treat.  Because we were farther north than we are at home, the flowers we had already loved and lost at home were in bloom in Vermont.  The chicory is such a lovely color!

I've always been drawn to barns.  They are such important buildings and usually are quite old having seen generations of the same family come and go.  Some outlive their families and even the family home.  Such is the case with this barn which I have photographed gazillion times trying to find just the right photo to use in a painting.  I thought I had it with the next photo taken near the beginning of our second day, clockwise walk.

But no.  The barn itself was too far away making the setting the star instead of the building.  So I tried taking the shot using a different orientation and voila!  This is it:

Yet there was still an issue.  Look at the hay wagon (or whatever it is; I'll have to check with D).  First, it covers up a good portion of the barn.  Second, it shows a solid, flat side.  Boring!  We walked on a bit with me stopping every 10 paces or so until I had the perfect picture of the barn and wagon.

Now I can take the barn and wagon from this photo, plop it down in the landscape of the second barn picture, and Bob's your uncle.  

 Naturally there are many barns all over this area.  Near a apex of the mountain was this one - a real beauty, too.  Maybe after fussing with the setting it will be another painting?  Looks a bit windswept with those clouds behind it, doesn't it?

I've said it before, I love draft horses.  This was my first photo of these horses from a distance.  They look black so my guess was Percheron.  ???  While I love these animals for their looks and their history as workers, I know just about nothing about them.  So why do I like them?  They're beautiful!  After I post more photos of these beauties, maybe someone can tell me more about them.  How about it SILs?

When we got back to the lake, it was still windy and the water was choppier than usual.  But it was a great day for sailing as you can see below.

Our vacation certainly was giving me a lot of super images to think about for painting!


  1. I, too, am drawn to that old barn we photograph each year, but, perhaps because of their novelty, I particularly like barn 2 with it's pealing facade and strewn farm implements as well as the draft horses surrounded by all that greenery. There doesn't seem to be enough time in life to paint every wonderful image of the lake and surroundings. I find my mind slipping back to the lake and those windy evenings where one slept with the sounds of waves lapping the rocks at the water's edge. When I awoke at home in the middle of the night, I couldn't understand why the windows were closed until I realized I was no longer in Vermont. In stead of cool night breezes coming off the lake, we resorted to the air conditioner.

  2. beautiful photos. I love old barns, too -- and really old bridges!
    I'm sure you'll get it right one day!