Thursday, August 4, 2016

Renovations and Races

Excitement is beginning to build regarding the renovations going on here.  I think I mentioned that the area rug and an ottoman for Garden Room have arrived plus the blinds for the family room.  Today another blind arrived; it's quite a long package so I didn't open it.  At first I thought it might be for either the kitchen or the Garden Room.  But then I reasoned that since the first one was not a honeycomb type, the more recent one probably isn't either.  That means that it is most likely for the kitchen.  We'll have to wait and see.

Today, D had a meeting in the morning so I spent my time up in the studio working on the block-of-the-month Block #1.  My hope was to finish it today.  That didn't happen.  There were a few interruptions by workmen needing to check on things, and as usual, the sew took longer than anticipated.  So before that block was finished, D came home.

That meant that I had to scurry around and get ready to go to the race track for our annual day in Saratoga.  I may it more difficult for myself because I had laid clothes out earlier that really weren't appropriate for the heat.  After two or three attempts, I finally found something cooler yet still comfortable.  Except for the shoes which at the end of the day are now in the wastebasket (they are now too small).  We did have fun despite the blister, though, and D was fortunate with his bet on one of the races - a first for us.

We returned home to find the workmen had managed to lay the floor in the family room.  It looks beautiful!  All in all things are beginning to take shape.  Now if we can just get the workmen to put in the necessary shelf so D can have his TV back, all will be well in our world.  We will be able to wait for the furniture to come in.

I hope.

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  1. The FLOOR is in? I'll just bet it's beautiful !!!! I'm wondering how many of those working men go home to no TV ??? Maybe you should remind them - yet again????