Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Stay True to Your Vision

This is Day 5 on the newest Lake Willoughby painting, and I think it has maybe only one more day of work before it is finished.

When I went to class, I was disappointed with the fact that I hadn't done any work on it this week, and also disappointed that I no longer thought it was as successful as I had originally thought.  Yes, I had taken a "dark and stormy" photo and turned it inside out, but gradually it lost its luster. Something was definitely "off".  

So here it is as it was when I went to class today:

When I explained my dissatisfaction to Sharon, she asked her usual leading questions that made me find the answer.  She asked, "What do you like?"  

My answer was, "The sky."

"What else?"

"The lake,"  I responded.  Then, of course, it became obvious.  The hills weren't "alive with the sound of music" or anything else.  They were downright dull.  A bit more conversation, and by the end of the class, this is what I had:

In brief, if I were going to work with the brights of the storm, I couldn't wimp out two-thirds of the way through.  I have to learn to stay true to my own personal vision.


  1. I would not have been able to tell you what changes were needed in your Willoughby Lake painting, but you seemed to identify the problem. Amazing how subtle changes can make such a difference.