Wednesday, August 3, 2016

News on the Construction Front

The painting is almost finished in the family room; there are only a few minor touch ups left.  The construction men were back today, and now the carpeting has been torn up!  The echo which had been living in the Garden Room has moved to the family room.  The new room now has all the too-heavy-for-us-to-move furniture from the family room so the once lovely room now looks like a storage area (or the "lumber room" as such places were once called) while the family room has new life.

We are now being told that the construction will be finished by Friday.  I am skeptical.  While the only big thing to be done is laying down the flooring, there are numerous small bits and pieces.  Covers for the floor electrical plugs, shelving to attend to, vent covers, doors painted, backsplash in the bathroom, etc.

Then the heavy items have to be moved back.  And chipped paint touched up.  La, la, la . . .

Well, here's a nice thing - or at least something that makes me feel good.  This past weekend I finished a small embroidery project that was lots of fun to do.

It's a kitchen towel which will be at least one of two.  One of the women in my sewing club was working on a similar project the last time we met, and she very kindly let me use her teapot template for the embroidery.  The towel I selected has a white background with green borders so I chose a variegated green-to-orange embroidery thread.  It was fun to work on as the stitch is a simple one and the changing colors kept my interest.   This kind of work is very soothing which also makes it possible for one to participate in any conversation going on around one.  Time passes quickly and so does the project.

I have ordered a few more stencils so I can do more of this kind of stitchery . . . while waiting for the family room to be finished!

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