Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Rhythm of Our Walks

Before I explain today's topic, I have to tell you that I spent some time today painting chickens.  Not just any chickens, mind you, these were Chinese chickens.  It was fun, but since they're not finished yet (as in not fully recognizable), I'll do "show and tell" later.

Anyway, today I was uploading photographs from the third day on vacation when I realized the walks D and I took had a definite rhythm.  I'll show you what I mean and then tomorrow you'll be able to predict what comes next.

So to begin, our walk always included a visit to Animal Planet:

The horses were in a different field on this day so I was able to get a better photo.  Aren't they something?  Then there was the farm at the almost half-way point in our walk.  The first day when we passed the farm I was disappointed that there were none of the expected horses in sight.  But then much to my delight on the second day - ta-Dah!  Ole Blue Eyes!

Every day I took photographs of the scenery.  No matter how many times we see the same features the light may changes, the wind may blow, or I may just think it does.  Whatever the case may be, taking more photos is essential (even when I have to speed walk to catch up to D who has learned not to wait for me).  This is a dramatic view of a level stretch of road that seems to end at the Gap between the two mountains at the south end of the lake.

 Once back at the lake, at some time during every day, I have to take more shots of the lake - just in case I missed something in the past seven years at this particular camp or in the past 32+ years we've been at this lake.  So here is a "reference" photo of a man fishing.

And that's the rhythm of our walks from beginning to end.

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  1. those horses are beautiful -- and I DEFINITELY see a painting in ole blue eyes!!