Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Creative Day

For the last week I have been documenting our vacation so other activities have naturally fallen by the wayside.  Since today is my usual painting class day, it's time to turn my attention to that part of my life.  First, the painting I began while on vacation (appropriate way to segue into the new subject, I think), the Chinese one:

Since the last time I posted this painting, I both intensified the sky color at the top of the painting and stretched it all the way over the roof.  Now there is a greater difference between the sky below and above.  The definition of the roof is sharper, also. Then I began working on the chickens.  The positions I had chosen for some of them were iffy at best (have I mentioned I don't have a lot of barnyard knowledge?) so I took time off to do some research.  That I did and then drew more chickens in a sketchbook.  Now I think I understand how they move so maybe, just maybe it's time to finish the fowl.  

Anyway, in class I have kept on working in watercolor.  It's easier to transport and is less toxic for everyone around.  Last week at the very end of class, I began working on this farm - or rather the barn that went with a farm.  If you look back through this year's vacation pictures, you'll see it in several different views.  This photo came from an earlier year, and I thought it would make a good study for a future painting of the same subject.

As I said, it's very early in development, and it will, I hope, change a lot before it's finished.

After painting class I returned home to eat a quick lunch and then set off for Crazy Quilt Class.  There I learned an unexpected lesson.  Again.  When one has been "away" from an activity, the return is not necessarily easy.  I must have spent at least half an hour if not longer dithering about which block I was going to work on, what I would do on whichever block won, what stitch or stitches I would use, and what thread color would be best.  Or should I use ribbon instead of thread?  Maybe I should look through the stitch dictionary I had with me.  A bathroom stop might be a good idea and then a chat with the teacher who - thanks be to all that's good - was going through the same steps I was!  It takes time to switch from painting to stitching especially if one hadn't switched mental gears at all.

All ended well, sort of.  I did get started and even though I didn't have everything I needed, I did complete one element (sadly in a pedestrian manner) and was ready to face my personal fear and stitch the owl's face in my winter block.  I had just the right white thread with me, and the best way to approach the task had risen up unbidden from my subconscious mind.  It was time.  

Except - I couldn't find the thread!  

I was convinced I had it with me, but it simply refused to appear.  Tomorrow, as soon as I have time, I will search for it again.  Could I have left it at home and that location was the picture I had in my mind?  Possibly.  The sad thing it, I can't remember the maker of the thread or its composition.  I only know I've used the only other spool of the same thread (though in orange) and loved it, but I think that spool ran out so I can't refer to it to replace it.

Oh well, it isn't the only white thread I have.


  1. hope you found the thread. When I get the new toolbox I'll be going through my stuff and I'll see if it jumped in while neither of us was looking. Love the chicken painting!!

  2. hope you found the thread. When I get the new toolbox I'll be going through my stuff and I'll see if it jumped in while neither of us was looking. Love the chicken painting!!

  3. Your barn painting has a marvelous transparent light. Although at it's beginning stage, I can see it develop into a keeper. I love the lose feel of it.

    As far threads go, I could have used your expertise this weekend. My grandson loves to sew. He finds it very relaxing. He asked to look into my needles and threads collection, and how sad I was that I couldn't to a sewing project with him. I thought if only his great aunt were here.