Monday, September 19, 2016

Excuses or "Going Dark"

I have to apologize for not writing as often as I should.  We are still in a state of moderate chaos (the "moderate" is new and better), we have an exciting family reunion pending, and I have three quilts to  ready for submission at the end of this month for a quilt show.

Here is the "Improvisation" about midway through the creative process - in other words, while I was trying to figure out if it were finished.

And here it is with the front finished.  I have yet to stitch the hanging sleeve and the label on the back.

For those reasons, I am "going dark" (which makes all of this sound far more intriguing than it really is) probably until after the submission of the three quilts (if adequately finished).


  1. For anyone else reading this, I saw this quilt in person and it is beautiful !!!! Keep going, Noel !!

  2. I marvel at the transformation of the first unfinished image of the quilt to the finished stage ready for hanging. I couldn't tell from the first image what you planned to do to bring the quilt to completion. It's magic.