Sunday, September 11, 2016

Family Weekend

We spent this past weekend visiting our daughter and grandson.  Wonderful time, really wonderful.  Our activities were nothing extraordinary, but just being with them made the weekend special.

We left here at 6:00 a.m. (I know, that wasn't easy!) in order to arrive early enough to go with them to Grandson's ballgame.  Since none of us knew where the field was, we left in plenty of time and wound up being really early.  It gave us time to pick up coffee (sorely needed) and wander around while G (for Grandson) palled around with another very early friend.  

Finally the game got underway.  These photos are of G during the at bat during which he hit a sacrifice fly for a RBI.

It was fun watching him - especially in the field.  He played third (his favorite position), shortstop (second favorite), and center field (not even on the "like it" list).  

And, of course, a photo of Daughter (after giving their dog a drink of water - between innings) with D (in his baseball shirt that I made for him several years ago).  A warning for anyone who wears the type of hat D has on.  See the open-weave pattern (upper right-hand corner of the photo)?  We were in the blistering heat for some time (hence the protective hat).  Later, in the evening, I noticed D had a waffle-weave sunburn on his forehead.  Neither of had considered the problems with the open-weave.  Be careful with choice of hat if anyone you know has a sun sensitivity issue.

We ended the day with Chinese food and multiple games of Uno (G the winner!).  Today we got up and had a quick of Uno (don't even ask!) and then hit the road.

Great family weekend.

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  1. Looks like you had what I would call a very memorable and enjoyable weekend. Family (and friends) are really what life is all about - especially when we can have fun together. Those are the real best moments of life!!