Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Hooray, Snafu Un-Snaffed!

And what that title means is that I found out how to sync phone to computer so I can upload and share photos far more easily than ever before.

So here are some pictures from our time in Florida.  On our first full day the two young women in our family chose to take us to the Morikami Garden, a very beautiful garden in the Japanese style.  They chose that because we all are interested in gardens in one way or another, it would give us an excellent opportunity to be outside as well as together, and it would be good for all five children (ranging in age from 9 months to 8 years).  There are two photos of this particular spot near the beginning of the trail.

I took two photos because I was curious about which would make the better one.  But it turned out that they weren't that different even though the angles were slightly different.  So I cropped the second to highlight the flowering bush.

Then there is this one with a clearly Asian inspired garden piece and rock - but still essentially the same view.

This is just a tantalizing beginning to our tour of this garden.  It's short because I'm still struggling with the uploads which I thought I had made easier (hah!) and because it's time to hustle off to a quilt guild meeting (quilts for this weekend's show have to be turned in tonight).

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