Thursday, September 1, 2016

Clockwise Day

After yesterday's blog you should have some expectations for today's entry.  See if you can identify the ways this entry adheres or doesn't to yesterday's entry.  

The first photo was an out building belonging to the first operating farm in this direction.  For me, this is merely a reference photo.  I see this building with its fences and rough landscape in the background of a painting.  It isn't the focal point.  Or at least not now.

Here is a rock outcropping that we discovered this year.  Of course, it's alway been there but somehow we just didn't look in this direction.  It doesn't look like much from this distance, but it's really huge. I wonder if there is a trail to it . . .

This next landscape is one of my favorites.  I am itching to paint something long and thin, and this strikes me as a perfect candidate.  Of course, one of the reasons I like it so much it that D is the person you see walking down the road.

Now look at the same photo after cropping and boosted for a bit more pow it to fit my mental image of it as a painting.  It's possibly a bit too bright - some areas need a little less, some more, but . . . What do you think?

 Back at the lake we were in time to see a sailboat out in the middle of the lake clearly having some trouble.  Fortunately, they were not afraid to ask for help, and as you can see, there's a boat headed their way to help get them to safe harbor.

Not too far away was a kayak with two young boys having a great time paddling and exercizing their water cannon.  They were shooting at imaginary pirates, I think.  At least they didn't need rescuing!

Another lovely day.


  1. hope the boys shot all the pirates and didn't lose their treasure!
    D certainly does get far ahead of you. And the more vibrant colors make the photo come alive!! Now, go draw that horse !!

  2. So many photos; so many decisions to make. I do think the boosted image of David in the road brought more drama to the photo and I like the panoramic view. Will it be oils or watercolor?