Thursday, September 29, 2016

Make-up Photos

All right, hold on to your hats because today, now that the quilts are in for the show and I've done my quilt show job, I've been able to focus on how to upload my photographs.  Taking the time before I was halfway into writing the blog made all the difference.  So today you have nine photographs to scroll through.

To make it easier, I will keep the editorializing to a minimum.  My helpful friends and family have told me that this is an iguana.  But oh, what an iguana!

We admired several raked gardens such as this one where I fell in love with the shadows.

Naturally, I had to include flowers, but what I like in this photo is the leaf with the withered petals.

Then the traditional Hoi Toi, a laughing Buddha, reclining beneath a tree.

A serene view of a tree leaning over water as though admiring its reflection.

Maybe a little odd, but here's another favorite.  Layers of red leaf, turtles, school of fish, and then - an alligator biding his time.

 Then waterfalls.  I took many photos at this site in the garden.  Made up of several smallish falls, the whole was very lovely.

Another waterfall.  This one has a longer drop for the water and some great shrubs.

Followed by  serene landscape with a focal-point tree, clear reflection, and interesting foreground.  Can everyone say "Painting!"???

Whew!  Finally I was able to share part of our trip with you.  There will be more in the days to come.

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  1. Fabulous iguana photo. That's one to sculpt or perhaps do a stone carving.