Thursday, September 15, 2016

This Will Pass, I Think

Another day with workmen in the house.  Today the floor in the family room was fixed.  Of course, fixing the floor required us to move a lot of furniture, take desk drawers out (so it could be moved), and chairs relocated.  Don't even ask about the rug pad (for the rug which is still out of stock!), the bins full of framed art not yet unpacked (haven't decided what to put up and what to store), and the floor scale (used for weighing animals in my father-in-law's vet practice) which is smack in the middle of the floor.  The mess is waiting for the workman to come back tomorrow to make sure the floor is well and truly fixed before he replaces the molding.

At which time the mess can be return to something approaching order.  Again.

A second workman arrived who, in a very different way, added to the chaos.  The upholsterer brought back the Morris chair, my Salem rocker, and the window seat cushions.  The reupholstered Morris chair now has new cushions that are much more comfortable than the original (horsehair and cotton), and the seat cushion is thicker which makes it fit us better.  As for my rocker which never had cushions, oh my, what a dream!  If I were a person who falls asleep in my chair at night (I'm not), I could fall asleep in this chair now.  The window cushions are new for us, but they are something I always wanted for the window seats.  Now people can actually sit on them comfortably.  At least for a while (they're not very thick).

So today was two steps forward, but three steps back.  I haven't mentioned having to water the hydro seeded areas two times a day.  One only has to water for about 10 minutes, but the moving of the sprinklers to ensure coverage of the seeded area turns it into almost an hour each time.  

This too will pass, and we will look at each other and smile with contentment.  Maybe later rather than sooner, but it will happen.

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  1. yes, the mess will pass and you will have an absolutely lovely home! I know how it feels to live in some mess, and it really makes me cranky and unfocused. I hope this all finishes really soon !!!