Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Art Quilting Group Meets!

What a day!  Cleaners delayed my planned departure to go and meet with my art quilters group.  But I was able to use that time to organize my thoughts as to what I would realistically be able to work on once I arrived at my destination.  In addition, I had the time to pack only what was needed instead of throwing a bunch of stuff in a bag in the hopes that I would have everything essential but wind up missing at least half.

Of course, I did have more materials than I had time to use.  Nothing new there, though.  Much to my surprise, it took me the entire time to "un-sew" (the modern politically correct way to say "rip out") 24 short seam.  Whew, that sounds like a lot - and believe me, it felt like a lot!

Being a novices at being in a selfie and  in taking one, both Carol and I looked up at the "camera" I was holding while Kath, correctly, looked at the imaginary viewers.  The photo Kath's husband took turned out to be a video (not his fault, he used my cell phone unfamiliar to him).  I'll do better next time; sorry, Kath!  Notice Kath's wonderful traditional quilt behind us - she has a perfect wall for displaying her beauties!

This is the art quilters' group - small but very, very close.  I can't tell you how much I get from these women: ideas, support, encouragement, necessary nudges, and laughter - oh, the laughter!


  1. I know you enjoy this a lot - and it's finally good to be able to see what Carol looks like. Yeah to small groups of like minded women!

  2. photo! wow looks pretty good. it was a WONDERFUL day !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! best day I have had in a long time. the time we spend together makes me smile.

  3. Lovely photo of the three of you. Great support group