Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Painting and Crazy Quilting on Election Day

It's been a long day as we were up early in order to get D to the polls in time to get everything set up and ready to go for the day.  Once I dropped him off, I returned home to set things to rights before leaving for my day.

Painting was the first activity on my to-do list, and after a bit of additional work, my current painting was deemed finished and a success.  I was very pleased as I like the way this one came out (there are always times during every painting when I despair of it ever amounting to anything worth looking at!), but I was thrilled as this was the one D had asked me to do.  As it is for him, I will let him chose its name.

After that class, I took off to meet ME for lunch at a convenient Panera's.  Since I hadn't eaten breakfast, I ate my whole sandwich though it would have been better for me if I hadn't! Oh well, you know the saying, "After the holidays, I'll . . . "

After lunch, we headed off to be on time for the crazy quilt class.  That class is always so much fun!  Even though we were the only two there today (three with our teacher-leader), we managed to have a very good time and to get some work done.  No matter where I am when doing hand work or how much I enjoy the activity, it always takes much longer to do than I anticipate.  It will probably be at least another month before this block is worth seeing let alone before it's finished.  The fact that we took time to pour over ribbons trying to decide which ones we wanted to buy, or the fact that I shopped for a few bits and pieces of fabrics necessary to complete some small projects (and one large one!) may have had a wee bit to do with my inability to finish the small element I was working on!

There's always next month, right?

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  1. As I told you, the painting is stunning and I'll bet D loves it. If not, you know where it can be dropped off!! And CZ quilting was lots of fun!! Good thing there's no time limit on progress in the class or I'd be tossed out!