Sunday, November 12, 2017

November's Robin Banner

There wasn't much writing being done last week was there!  Now I can't remember what got in the way except one night at the theater, but let's see if more is done this week.

Election Day and painting coincided, but as I reported, the most recent painting was finished.  Friday D and I took "Cypress and Olive Groves" and "Via Dell'Amore" to be framed.  

Thursday D was away for the day, and I worked on sewing.  The November bigger banner is almost finished now.  While I did some detail stitching in the leaves as well as a little around parts of the robin, I didn't have the color of threads needed to complete the robin's parts, the pinwheel blocks, and background quilting.  Of course I was at the quilt store today and totally forgot to have the banner with me so I could use it as a reminder and choose threads.  Drat!  Anyway, here it is in its almost-complete form.

The binding will be the same fabric as the brown around the pinwheels.  Tomorrow I will head out to JoAnn's to buy thread.  If I remember . . . sigh!

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