Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Scary Realization Late in the Day

Another day without photos, but it was a good day even though painting class was not on my schedule.  This morning I went to my podiatrist to help with an issue that's been plaguing me for almost a month.  She was able to take care of my foot, and I am now happily without pain.  Hurrah!!

We came home, and I had enough time to run to our local craft shop and get the thread I need to finish November's Robin Banner.  The remaining applique pieces have been stitched down, and the pinwheels have been quilted.

Then it was time to go to the luncheon for Her Treasure Box volunteers.  That was really a good time.  We all work at the store or for the charity in another capacity but only a few volunteers work in the same place at the same time.  This allowed to get to know a few others and chat with several.  And the lunch was good, too.

Home by four o'clock and back to the sudden (for me) realization that Thanksgiving is next week!!!

YIKES . . . 

Tomorrow I have to check the contents of the freezer (expiration dates may be long past), look through the refrigerator and dispose of left-overs that our eagle eyes may have missed and clean up any spills.  Once that is finished, I get to start making lists - a favorite!

Always end on a high.

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  1. the holidays are fun -- but lots of work especially in the cleaning and organizing department. Enjoy and be thankful it only comes a few times each year!