Thursday, December 14, 2017

A's Puzzle

It's possible that I have mentioned that D and I enjoy doing jigsaw puzzles - especially during the winter months.  In case you missed that news flash, it is true.  Over the years when she visits us,  D's sister has joined us at the puzzle table and has searched church bazaars and other sales tables for puzzles to bring to our house.  Then she sits down and begins.

Well, she brought a 750-piece-doozie for us at Thanksgiving!  Whoo-ee, it was a really difficult puzzle.  D and A started working on it during that holiday with me giving it a pass as I walked by.  I knew it would be pretty hard even though A started right away.  Her approach to puzzles is to pick a color or a design element and work on that first (mine is to do the "grunt work", i.e., the borders, to get the boring stuff out of the way), and she was smart to do that on this one!  She did almost all the hummingbirds in the puzzle while she was here.

Did I ever tell you that A is very, very smart?

Did I mention that most puzzles we do are completed in 2 - 5 days?

Okay, this puzzle was started during the Thanksgiving holiday.  Today is December 14th, and the puzzle isn't finished yet!  BUT we are making headway.

Here it is as of this afternoon:

Can you see the birds?  Can you tell what constitutes the rest of the puzzle's design?  All D and I have  worked on are the leaves (not too terrible) and then have moved on to all the rest of the puzzle.  That's right.  It's been purple and pink flowers.  Each flower is made up of 6 - 10 pieces of its color, and differences in color from flower to flower is very slight.  

At this point, there is no way we would pack it in, and at this point it's actually fun as we have learned how to make it easier (anticipating certain weird puzzle piece shapes, identifying the subtle differences in color, and obviously fewer pieces to agonize over).  

When all is said and done, A, you did give us brain exercise in patience, logic, determination, analysis, and memory to mention just a few benefits!

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