Sunday, December 17, 2017

The "Right Thing"

How lucky we are that our daughter and her son were able to come down to visit us this past weekend.  They arrived late-ish on Friday because grandson had a swim meet.  Late or not, we were delighted!

On Saturday, D took "our boy" to a baseball card shop as he has developed a huge interest in baseball cards.  Fortunately, D knew of a very good one right in our area; I had worried that we might have to see if the shops in Cooperstown were open.  Grandson (C from now on) had been to one or two places where he lives, but I guess they are not shops that specialize in baseball cards since C was amazed at what he found.  D's shop specializes in only baseball cards, and the owner was very, very kind to C without being patronizing.  Anyway, C came home with lots more cards, and he was beaming from ear to ear.

Actually, the success of the baseball card foray was the reason they decided to leave earlier than planned.  Originally, daughter and C were planning to depart today, but C wanted to share his booty with his good friend who also collects.  If they had left when planned, C would be going with his dad to visit his dad's family in the D.C. area.  How could we object?  Any visit, no matter how short is still a visit!

So, we had dinner and got ready to play our traditional game of U
no, when I ran upstairs to get C's other Christmas present.  At our daughter's request, I had painted a portrait of their beloved dog who was recently killed.  Here is a rather overwhelmed C after opening his present:

Our daughter sent me a text a few minutes ago, telling me that C had been teary-eyed today as they found the "best" place in his bedroom to hang Simon's portrait.

Sometimes doing the right thing is hard but the "right thing.

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  1. I'm sure he will always treasure that gift. And, you're right! Every visit is priceless!!