Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Weighty Talk about Holiday Cards

Another day of coughing and hacking and making unpleasant noises; feel sorry for those around me!  Despite all of that, D (also hacking and making unpleasant noises) and I did manage to get a lot done today.  What we did was not earth shattering, but it is very important to us.

The important thing we did was get our holiday cards ready to go out in the mail.  Not a big deal, you think?  Well, it is when your family and friends are spread out all over the country, and few of us have the habit of regular communication.  Sometimes, these cards are the only way people hear from us.  Even though we have FaceBook and email both of which I use, neither of those are known for the personal, longer newsy communication that comes with a letter.  

And while that letter isn't terribly personal, it takes time to write and add photos.  It takes time to sign one's name instead of relying on the printed version in cards or write loving words by that printed signature, and it takes time to address envelopes by hand. That time is its own message to the receiver that we cared enough to use our time to connect with them.

And that's why we send cards, write letters, hand address, and sign our holiday cards.  It's important to us.  

So imagine how we feel when we receive your cards!

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  1. I'm hoping to get to mine this afternoon. It is a time eating chore! Good for you for getting it done!