Monday, September 8, 2014

Autumn Beauty

This has been my favorite time of the year for most of my adult life; I'm sure that when I was a child summer reigned supreme - but no longer.  I love the blue of the sky in fall, the colors of the leaves against that sky as an unintentional complement to that amazing blue, and that crisp cool air.  Wow!  

Here's a photo of early autumn flowers that have had a banner year in my garden (everyone else's, too!).  There are a couple of orange marigolds in a small vase  I don't think you can really see.  The little table mat on the bookcase was made by my first quilting teacher, and I treasure it.  It comes out for display every September.  Can you see the stencil on the wall behind the vase?  It's a red squirrel, oak leaves, and acorns.  More fall - but oh my, those acorns are plentiful!

I hope your day was full of the glories of this season.

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  1. what a pretty photo!! Love the quilt and the flowers!!