Monday, September 29, 2014

Some Fall Decorations

Last week I wrote about getting out some fall decorations and hanging "Jack's Wild Ride".  E was kind enough to request some photographs - a request that slipped my mind until dusk today.  

There's only one picture because it was so late and because some things like the shelf in the family room are difficult to photograph at that time of day.  As I think of it, I will take more pictures and share them with you along with other things as the month goes on.

So here is the little shelf in the living room that has my collection of miniature German carvings with a few other odds and ends.  

Some of the "odds" (of the odds and ends mentioned above) are the Halloween critters.  I have no idea what purpose they originally served (unless they were pencil toppers) or where and when I picked them up, but in earlier years I scattered them among my plants - where they immediately became lost in the foliage.  When I unpacked the box with the Fall/Halloween/Thanksgiving items, these little novelties stared up at me waving their arms and wings for attention.  

When we returned from our trip to England, I regretted the fact that I hadn't purchased one of the small porcelain thatched and half-timbered cottages to put on this shelf.  They were in several gift shops in the hotels and airports we passed through, but as you can imagine, they were pricey.  D mentioned that I might be able to find something like them on eBay.  He was right, and I bought all of the above for less than one of the Thomas Kinkaid-looking (I'm not a fan!) ones we saw in England.  The one on the bottom shelf was originally a tea caddy for Twining's Tea.

Those pencil toppers fit nicely on the chimneys, don't they?


  1. I love all your Halloween decorations! Enjoy as I think this is the holiday I like the most. After all - what can be wrong when dressing up as anything you want and eating candy are the things to do?

  2. Thanks for the photo. I did enjoy enlarging it and looking at your intriguing Halloween display. With my first grandchild born on Halloween 26 years ago, it has become a special holiday for me.