Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Back to New Orleans

In class today after some discussion of both the painting featured in yesterday's entry and the New Orleans painting, I got to work.  As you will be able to see, I added the background figures which begin to punch up the colors a bit; actually, I guess one could say they actually add color where there was none.  I'm quite happy that they are finally visually clearer and set the tone for the musicians (ha!).  

While looking at this as it is now, I have to keep reminding myself that lots of things will be tweaked as I get nearer to calling this one finished.  For example, just painting in the "audience" has made me more aware of the need to add to the window but also aware of the need to wait before I do so.  The background behind the "audience" is dreadful - flat and wrong, but that too must wait for the musicians to move to center stage (oh golly, another play on words!).  

My next move will be to set in the rest of the lone young man to the left of the drummer, and then, oh hallelujah!, I will allow myself to start on the skin of the musicians.  Once, skin color is there, I can choose colors for their clothing.  It's been hard to hold off on the focal group, but I knew I had to.  You see, I am learning!

Now just a word or two about yesterday's lake-but-not-quite-a-landscape.  Sharon was delighted and most encouraging with the use of washes and loosely suggested background for the main figure.  She had read my blog, realized my intent, and has wholeheartedly adopted the role of guide in my journey.  She, too, is trying to "loosen up" in her own work so she will be using her own experience while helping me.  What a bonus!


  1. I don't know why I am focusing on the orange color behind the musicians, but I find it quite exciting. It's not uniform in tone yet adds interest and warmth to the painting. That's probably not a very helpful comment--more of a reaction to what I'm seeing.

  2. looks great to me. Unfinished - but it will get there!