Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Work is Completed!

Goodbye to our contractors; today was their official last day, and we have no plans for any other improvements that fall within their areas of expertise.  It's very nice to have our home back to ourselves even though now we're the ones with a lot of work to do.

I started in the family room as we spend so much time in there.  The display shelf that stretches the width of the room and a bit more is now completely cleaned and rearranged for Fall.  That took the entire afternoon as everything that was taken down for the dusting also had to be cleaned/washed/packed away and everything that went up had to be moved around a bit before I was satisfied.  There's a lot more to be done (the family room did not receive a thorough cleaning after the kitchen renovation as we knew more dust-producing work was  still to come), but it makes me feel good to have made a start.  

The living room was also tidied and made ready for fall, and Jack is up over the piano.  It's good to have him back in place!  I have yet to do a complete dust down and vacuum of living room and dining room, but as that was taken care of after the kitchen, it won't be as bad this time around.

Also found time to make fresh corn chowder for this week.  Unfortunately, I have had a mild touch of a stomach virus the last few days so I'm on the "white is nice" diet for a while until the twinges stop.  No chowder for me - yet.

Have a good weekend; the weather is supposed to be fine!


  1. oh, dear. Hope you are feeling better for the weekend. Sounds like you did get a lot done, and I just know how much you love cleaning :-)

    See ya soon!!

  2. When you're feeling better, we'll need to see photos of your autumn displays.