Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Garden Notes

While I was out, D started removing some of the gazillions of acorns (and I do not exaggerate) from our driveway and yard.

This is the THIRD wheelbarrow full of acorns (and leaves and downed branches in this one, too).  It looks quite neat and lovely out front now - or will until tomorrow when more will be bound to fall.  And do be careful if you have acorn producing oaks around your house.  The acorns are like marbles under your feet - I know because I've made one less than graceful fall already (no damage done though thanks to a well-cushioned posterior)!

And since I'm on the subject of the outdoors, I know ME was concerned about my collection of watering cans ever since we took down the fence out back.

Here they are on their new perch that D finished a week or two ago.  Pressure treated lumber may last longer than those watering cans, but I love the look.  It will be interesting to see how the hydrangeas, hostas, and other plants do next year without the fence and maybe with an ever more difficult winter.

Despite the best of intentions, I didn't keep up with my scheduled photos of the gardens, but when I took the one of the watering cans, I also snapped this one.

Looking overgrown and a bit neglected but still a pretty sight from our back windows.  The zinnias were quite disappointing this year; although tall they were not as full of blooms as last year's zinnias.  As expected the argyanthemums, marigolds, nasturtiums were abundant and you can just see the sedum in the far back on the right starting.  I didn't prune that forsythia at all this year in the hopes that we may have a glory of yellow back there in the spring.

Hope springs (ha!) eternal! 


  1. the watering cans look great! And I'm hoping the weather people are wrong and this winter isn't toooo bad.

  2. I'm so glad that the watering cans have found a new home. I have always loved them. By the way, your oak must be very healthy to produce so many acorns. We haven't had many for the last 3-4 years, and we had to cut the tree down this summer fearing that it might drop some of its dead limbs on our house. We now have a very sunny driveway, and a hot computer room. I guess next year we'll need to invest in an extra air conditioner to keep the room livable.