Monday, December 8, 2014

Clive - for the Last Time

You may be tired of seeing photographs of our clivia plant, but as I explained this is a plant we've had for a long time (8 - 10 years or more).  So what, right?  In that time it has bloomed for me only once, and that means that this year in the life of Clive, blooming is a BIG deal.

Here you have it:

It may not look very different from the last picture you saw, but it is.  If you look at the blossom that is farthest to the left, that's number 14 to bloom.  They are now all open. What thrills me about this is none of the earlier blossoms have fallen away.  On November 20th, I posted the first picture of the buds with subsequent updates along the way.  It's only been a few weeks, but Clive has kept us entertained the entire time.

So this is the final picture of these lovely orange flowers - for this year, anyway!

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