Monday, December 29, 2014

Soup as the Highlight

Days when nothing out of the ordinary takes place are difficult to write about.  Actually, it was a discouraging day because I tried to do a few creative things, but nothing worked out.

I wasn't very happy until I thought that it isn't very often that this sort of day rolls into my life.  Even on days when one thing goes awry, something else perks right along.  While writing this I realize that while my creative efforts were less than a rousing success, ordinary things were accomplished. We went to the bank, paid some bills, arranged to have the latest painting framed (and met up with ME while there), and did the grocery shopping.  Not very exciting nor very taxing, but those were necessary errands. 

Therefore, when making some tasty soup turns out to be the highlight of my day, I'm going to be content with that.


  1. Couldn't help wondering whether you have been hit with post holiday "let down." After all the wonderful days we've had, I sort of am at loose ends.

  2. Unfortunately, we all need the less exciting, ordinary days to get the necessities of life taken care of. While grocery shopping and paying bills isn't something to write home about, imagine where we'd be if we didn't do either? Probably in a box under a bridge and that means definitely no electricity so it would all be hand piecing! It would take forever to make a large quilt!!! And delicious soup -- that is the super best thing during the winter!!