Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Thanks to Friends

After reading yesterday's entry, my sister-in-law E suggested that I might be feeling the dread Holiday Let-Down, and I have to say she is more than likely correct.  But today was a good day and accomplishments are not many but are visible.

Two friends worked with me on our guild's Block of the Month offering for January (translation: They let me feel important).  First we debated what had been our intended block and decided to shelve it  - for this year, at least (translation: We have to have this ready by Thursday, and there's no way we'd we be able to get it ready in time).  We feel it may be a strong contender for January 2016 if we manage to prepare it properly (translation: I have to locate my wandering math "gene" in time to design the "go with" block).  We went through our combined pattern ideas and settled on one (translation: The selected block met the criteria of both attractiveness and ease of preparation.  Heck, It answered the "how fast can we get this sucker cut?" with the answer "Three-four hours. Max.").

Next ME said, "It's half done already!" as she pulled out a paper bag full of 2.5" strips (translation: it'll really take only three hours to cut because she had the foresight to do a lot of work beforehand.)  I went upstairs to make some copies and came down to find M selecting fabrics for each block and ME already cutting (translation: Guess who's the gofer in this group?).

I pulled out my sewing machine and sewed the first two "sample" blocks (translation: "Find a toy for her to play with so we can get on with the real work!).  

By the time they left, we were more than half way finished (translation: They did all the work while I ran up and downstairs for necessary stuff.)  Since they had done all the important work before they left, the rest of it was a piece cake for me to finish, and it's ready!

Thanks to my good and kind and patient friends, I had a wonderful and fulfilling day!

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  1. Oh, thanks for the great laugh. I had cut the strips for something else, but thought they'd work in many blocks so, yes, I went home after breakfast and picked them up "in case" we could use them. The block you found and we selected was perfect !!! It was fun watching you run up and down the stairs -- something M and I were not about to do (no wonder you're so thin!!!!) It was just fun to have the three of us working on the same thing - getting it done - and we're definitely going to have to do this again. Actually, for at least the next year and a half - if not longer. It is a very fun thing to do!! And tell D thanks for providing the home with the perfect kitchen island to cut on and not get a back ache! Love you both!!!