Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Unexpected "Thank You"

Today when D brought the mail in and handed me my share, I looked through the various envelopes and glanced at the return addresses.  Everything was as usual: numerous catalogs, charitable organizations asking for help, a gift for D from an expected source, some embellishments I had ordered (sequin snowflakes), and something from eQuilter.  

The latter had me confused as I didn't remember ordering anything from them - although I do from time to time.  So I took the packet upstairs in case it was something that was part of a gift I wouldn't want D to see.  It wasn't that, but it was a surprise.

This is a 42 piece charm pack (5" squares of fabric), and it was in the envelope with a note from eQuilter thanking me for my patronage.  The charm pack is a thank you gift from them.  I received something from them last year also, but this is different and quite special.

These are the fabrics in the charm pack  - 9 different selections.  Now, I don't know about you, but I love bright colors, and I love metallic glitz so these pieces fit my taste to a T.

This close up is a bit better; you can get a better view of the colors and metallic flecks.  Lovely, but for one minute I was stumped about what I would do with these them.  That didn't last.

It was a gift to me so it's my turn to gift them to someone else.  I will make a donation quilt to brighten the day of someone else - just as opening the envelope brightened my day.

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  1. they're great and would be wonderful in a crazy quilt!!