Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Evolution of a Design in Progress #3

Having decided on trees and even a background - path leading to the horizon line and sky - my brain decided to take a walk, and I let it go.  [That's what I mean by "getting out of my way".] You see, it's those leaves.  Not exactly what you would call realistic which is why my trees were so straight and simplistic.  But you see, they're still leaves, and leaves aren't rigid.  They're flexible.  They turn and bend and twist.  They have two sides.

Mine have none of those characteristics.  Yet.

So I started by thinking about the "wrong" side of the leaves, and what if it's really not the "wrong" side?  What if it's the important, right side?  And then . . .whoa!

Leaves.  What else is sometimes referred to as "leaves"?

I will be thinking about that until Monday (Christmas festivities will keep my attention for a few days) and wondering what is going through your mind that might help me.

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  1. I can't really get into the thinking in your head, but just today as we were driving to art class I noticed leaves, leaves, leaves. Not the usual thing you see at the end of December. But here were these young oak trees fully clothed in beautiful rust colored leaves as if they never dropped a single one this fall. What I really wanted was a snow scene in which to paint these magnificent youngsters.