Sunday, December 28, 2014

Final: Painting "Lakeside Memory"

Christmas week is over, and I sit in the family room with my new laptop (my present from D) ready to write a new entry.  It was a wonderful week - full of laughter, family, good food and drink, and more laughter.  We did not have to travel, which, even though the weather was very mild, was a pleasant bonus.  So we enjoyed company in our own home and prepared meals in a very functional and comfortable kitchen.

Today was our first official non-holiday day so we both were back to our usual pursuits.  D had computer work to do (this is a busy time for him), and I bit the bullet and went to the studio to finish the latest watercolor and begin a promised piece for a friend.

The final touches on the painting are so subtle that I will show the almost-done and the final just so you can tease yourself by trying to find the changes.  Sneaky, aren't I!

Above you see the penultimate work.  Below you see what I did today.

Can you see the differences?

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