Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Switching Gears to Painting

Today I'm leaving art quilting and its creative process to painting and its creative process.  More or less.

Today was back to watercolor time, back to a painting I thought was very close to being finished.  In one sense, I was right.  This painting is very close to that point, but getting it there takes so more time than one would think.  I realized once again today that "finishing" is a very slow and meticulous part of the painting process.  It requires "less is more" thinking and doing.  Discussion is part of it - if one is lucky enough to have people with whom to talk.  If not, then one has to have internal dialogues between the "artist" and the "viewer" personae in one's own brain.  I was lucky to have three people with whom to talk in class today, and now I am secure in what needs to be done.

Here is the painting as I left it after this morning's work:

What I still have to do is work on the water around the seated figure of our daughter.  It's almost there, but her hands still get lost in the subtle background.  Her hair is too evenly divided - other minor issues.  Once all of those are taken care of, there will be one more review to see if any of the work done between now and then has altered the overall appearance of the painting.

Now I have to remember that what I learn in painting is applicable to quilting and vice versa.  It doesn't always seem that way, but that's a discussion for another time. Right now, I can see the end of this particular work, and I intend to enjoy it.

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